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"Let's play a word puzzle (Shiritori) with Lulu and Lolo!The famous character Lulu and Lolo's new game has released!Everyone can play this game to train your brain, even if you're a kid or an adult.How to play the ""Shiritori game"".◆~~~~~~~~~~~~~◆1.Push the ""プレイ"" button.
2.Find the word to connect to the character, which is shown in the above screen from the 16 panels.
3.Game is cleared after erasing all 16 word panels!◆~~~~~~~~~~~~~◆
How fast can you Shiritori?Aim the fastest time!
Making a mistake will decrease your time limit,so try to answer quickly but with accuracy!
You can choose the difficulty of the Shiritori.Do Shiritori with ""hiragana"" , ""katakana"" or ""kanji"".This app may help you learn Japanese!
When you make a good score, tell your friends by tweeting!
Don't miss the cute Characters too!